Asian Umbrellas – True Quality Craftsmanship

Umbrellas have been produced by Asian countries for hundreds of years. These hand-crafted Asian umbrellas showcase the true quality of the craftsmen that painstakingly use rudimentary tools in order to manufacture these works of art.

The art of making parasols and umbrellas originated in ancient China, where they were used as shelter against the sun, not rain, for nobility and for women, who were prized for their pale complexion. The art of umbrella-making quickly spread to Japan and other Asian nations such as Thailand. The Egyptians also used umbrellas, as did the Greeks, Romans, and parts of Africa. However, no regions spent the time and dedication to produce works of art that reflected their heritage and skill of their artisans like the ones in Asia.

An Asian umbrella is literally a work of art, as it depicts language characters, animals, imaginative beasts, and landscape on their protective screens. Even in modern times, when even Asians rarely utilize these exquisite umbrellas for practical purposes, they are still being produced for sale to collectors and admirers around the world.

Their quality depends greatly on their method of production, as mass-produced replicas do not portray the beauty that is evident in their hand-made counterparts. However, there are companies that make replicas that are startlingly close.