Baby Umbrella Strollers – Smaller For Travel

Modern-day baby umbrella strollers offer the majority of features as larger, more robust strollers but do so in a smaller, more manageable form. The strollers that are being sold by top manufacturers implement such baby comforts as multi-positioning reclining angles, shock-absorption wheels, storage space for baby items and parent items, and even iPod hookups and speakers so that baby and parents can enjoy their favorite tunes on-the-go.

Though typically more affordable than full-size strollers, baby strollers are small and convenient enough for small trips to the store, the mall, or to the park. Some can even perform double-duty as the full time stroller because of the abundance of features that they have and the comfort they offer to the child.

Of course, these are less economical than other models, but when you consider the money that many would save on an additional stroller it amounts to a considerable savings. Some of the most popular and most recognized manufacturers include Peg Perego, Zooper, Britax, Maclaren and Combi.

Many of these top manufacturers price their strollers at a premium, but new parents and parents of young children may find an umbrella stroller that has been slightly used in their local paper, eBay, and other places online. However, they can be found new at better baby stores and, of course, online as well.