Beach Chair Umbrella – Protect Yourself In The Sun

A beach umbrella can be a welcome addition to your classic beach chair when the broiling sun gets too hot to bear. Many beach chairs now come with an umbrella attachment that is either permanently fixed to the chair or is removable.

Umbrellas that are permanently attached to the chair usually consist of a large flap of fabric that is affixed to the top of the back of the chair. Most of these beach chairs have high backs to accommodate taller people to make sure that their head does not touch the underside of the canopy.

Another variation is one that utilizes a flap that is made rigid from being impregnated with plastic beams that run through the fabric. The flap is able to rise higher from the back of the chair and curve over the head of the sitter. It is affixed to the chair armrests with two straps that keep it from blowing in the wind.

Chairs that use unattached umbrellas typically have a sheath affixed to the legs of the beach chair in which the pole of a more standard type of umbrella passes through to keep it in place. Due to the convenience of affixed beach chair umbrellas, the non-permanently affixed umbrellas are becoming less popular to beach goers.