Beach Umbrella Anchor – Stable In The Wind

Anyone who has ever chased a runaway beach umbrella that has been blown away by a blast of wind will appreciate an umbrella anchor. This small device is less than eight inches long, but will potentially save you the constant aggravation of constantly readjusting a beach umbrella that sways clumsily in the breeze or becomes airborne due to a large gust of wind.

A beach umbrella anchor is a relatively simple device. To install it, simply drive the pointed, threaded end into packed beach sand and insert the pole of your beach umbrella into inset. The anchor will keep your umbrella stable and in it’s desired position in winds gusts of up to 30 miles per hour.

Since it is relatively small and doesn’t get packed down in the sand, the anchor is easy to dig out when you are done with your day at the beach and is easily cleaned with soap and water.

The beach isn’t the only place that an anchor comes in handy, however. Many people use them to keep the patio umbrellas that they keep in their yard safe and secure as well. The slim design ensures that no damage is caused to the lawn surrounding the anchor.