Best Beach Umbrella – Select The Right One

Many people believe that beach umbrellas are all the same. That as long as they provide shade from the sun, that is about all that they are capable of doing. However, that isn’t necessarily the truth. Faced with more powerful and thus more dangerous ultra-violet rays emitting from the sun, some manufacturers are setting the bar higher with what is called the best beach umbrella ever made.

A good umbrella would not only shade beach-goers from harmful, damaging UV rays but would also provide additional cooling capacity that enabled beach goers to stay as much as 15 degrees cooler. Not only that, but it is able to actually block those harmful UV rays.

While canvas umbrellas work well for simple shade, they cannot adequately block all UV rays since they are nothing more than cloth. The manufacturers utilize material used in jet aircraft pilot suits to stretch across the frame. This makes a lightweight, effective shade that is actually able to block out harmful rays from the sun and keep you even cooler on the beach than other people under conventional umbrellas.

A decent beach umbrella has up to a 129 UPF rating which blocks the most harmful UV rays, A, B, and C. It is also stable in high winds, yet easy to carry and extremely durable.