Brass Umbrella Stand – Timeless Classic Styling

Of all the materials that are used in producing umbrella stands, brass seems to be one of the most popular. Brass is a universally beautiful and resilient metal that requires no maintenance other than an occasional polishing. Additionally, brass is an ideal substance for an umbrella stand because it is heavy enough to safely support multiple umbrellas without danger of toppling over.

A brass umbrella stand is an ideal addition to almost every home décor and is timelessly classic in styling. Indoor stands have to complement the surrounding furnishings since the foyer or entry way into the home is the most seen part of the house.

Brass can be molded into an infinite variety of shapes as it is a relatively soft metal that is easily malleable. This means that a custom brass stand can portray a family crest, the likeness of a beloved family pet, or even have the owners’ last name and an inscription stamped directly into the stand.

Like other metal umbrella stands, these stands can also have separate compartments with spring-loaded locking mechanisms that keep umbrellas tidy and secure until time for use.