Cast Iron Umbrella Stand – A Durable Base

Since outdoor patio and lawn umbrellas are typically pretty large, with a strong enough gust of wind, it is possible that one could go flying across the yard potentially becoming damaged, causing damage to other property, or even injuring someone standing in its path.

Umbrella stands are important pieces to consider since they provide support for the umbrella much better than simply jutting the pole into the ground. They also ensure that the umbrella stands upright and doesn’t tip over due to soft, spongy or wet ground conditions.

The most effective outdoor umbrella stands are ones that are heavy enough to withstand a gust of wind attempting to carry the large canopy of the umbrella away. A cast iron umbrella stand would be adequately heavy enough to hold even the largest patio and lawn umbrellas in place at winds of up to around 30 miles per hour.

Cast iron stands can be very beautiful and complimentary fixtures on the lawn as well. Many are hand crafted, intricate pieces of art work that look just as beautiful as the surrounding lawn furniture. These stands can be found where fine lawn furniture is sold, at online specialty websites, and in antique shops.