Chinese Paper Umbrella – Traditional Style

The traditional style of Chinese paper umbrella is a popular gift and home decoration item for collectors and admirers of traditional Chinese art. Chinese art work is carefully printed on the screens as detailed images in vibrant colors.

The umbrellas are constructed of hand-crafted bamboo frames and wooden handles carved from native trees and bamboo. Additionally, the screens are painstakingly produced through the use of traditional Chinese paper-making processes.

Just as if they were made in historic China, the umbrellas are crafted lovingly by village artisans and require months of preparation for each umbrella produced due to the hand-crafted specialized techniques. The Chinese artisans that retain the traditional skills required to construct paper umbrellas are proud to carry forth the skills and artwork that go into their design.

Various materials stretched across the bamboo frames include saa paper, which is a Chinese handmade paper, and waterproofed cotton, which is dried to the consistency of paper but retains its water proof qualities so that it is usable as an umbrella. The images painted on the umbrellas are often representative of ancient Chinese lore. They may include Chinese writing, lotus flowers, native birds, or even dragons.