Clamp On Beach Chair Umbrellas – Escape The Hot Sun

Clamp on beach chair umbrellas are great accessories for going to the beach, to the park, to watch a game, or for just taking time out in your own back yard. They are an inexpensive way to escape the hot sun while relaxing outdoors. These umbrellas temporarily affix to the arm or back of a normal beach chair with clamps.

The clamps are made of durable, weather-resistant plastic and are easily cleanable with just fresh water or a combination of water and dish soap. They are sturdy enough to resist strong beach winds without danger of bending or breaking at the joints and most feature a durable canvas or vinyl covering that is rot and fade-resistant.

These beach chair umbrellas come in a variety of colors and sizes. Most have vibrant colors that enable them to stand out on crowded beaches, allowing beach-goers to be able to recognize their spot if they happen to wander away for a bit.

The sizes range from relatively small to quite large but since they clamp on the relatively light weight beach chairs, they are not made to be immensely large.