Double Umbrella Stroller – Comfortable For Two Children

For parents of twins or for those that have two small children that both need to be housed in a stroller, one of the most popular innovations that have come out has been the double umbrella stroller. This stroller utilizes the same principles as a standard single umbrella stroller, but is capable of comfortably carrying two children side-by-side or in a single-file manner.

The side-by-side double stroller makes use of a single common leg that attaches the two halves of the stroller together. This results in a total of six wheels on the stroller, giving it maximum stability but may sacrifice some maneuverability.

Just like conventional strollers, the side-by-side double umbrella can collapse into a much smaller, more manageable fold that can easily fit into any car trunk or back seat. Since the two halves share a common leg and wheels, the weight added by having another side attached is not overwhelming and the double umbrella stroller is much less cumbersome than many people expect.

Another seating arrangement available is the one that utilizes a front and rear arrangement. This seating arrangement makes maneuvering much easier, but these strollers are generally a bit heavier and more cumbersome to fold and store in an automobile. However, these types of double strollers are generally as comfortable as the side-by-side variations and offer such comforts and seat recline and smooth, shock absorption wheels.