Elephant Umbrella Stands – A Unique Design Choice

Elephant umbrella stands have been popularized by 19th century and early 20th century African hunting expeditions in which the hunter would utilize a shot elephant’s foot as a unique stand after he had returned home with the rest of his trophy.

This type of stand quickly caught on as another mainstay in big-game hunters’ collections and many adventurous people that weren’t even hunters clamored for one from the African continent even when they had no interest in shooting an animal.

Trade embargoes on elephant products due to their status as an endangered species soon staved off the supply of genuine elephant stands in the mid-20th century. However, enterprising United States’ businesses began mass-producing umbrella stands made from other materials soon after.

A modern umbrella stand can be made of plastic, rubber, or another composite material and even from materials that feel enough like a genuine elephant’s skin to feel as if it were the real thing. These mass-produced stands are still popular to sportsmen, hunters, and other collector’s alike, though animal rights’ activists still disapprove of them despite the fact that no elephant was harmed in its production.

These stands can be found in novelty furniture shops in the United States as well as online.