Hawaiian Print Beach Umbrella – Stand Out In A Crowd

If there is one place in which it pays to stand out a bit, it’s at the beach. And if there is one piece of beach equipment that you really want to stand out on a crowded beach, it’s your beach umbrella. A Hawaiian print umbrella can help ensure that you can spot your stuff on a crowded beach quickly by standing out against the crowd of plain-colored, dull beach umbrellas.

This is especially important when you leave your belongings to go down to the water only to turn around and realize that you have inadvertently walked farther to the right or left than you had intended. With your Hawaiian umbrella, you can quickly spot your beach position in a flash.

Additionally, Hawaiian prints look great. An umbrella is usually constructed of a wood or metal frame that is collapsible. Stretched across the frame is the large canopy, some even spreading as far as 8 feet across.

The canopy can be made of several materials, but the toughest and longest-lasting is canvas. Typically, Hawaiian beach umbrellas can be found at beach and surf shops that spring up around local beach fronts or at a discount online.