Indoor Umbrella Stands – Choose A Functional Design

An umbrella stand is usually located in the foyer or entryway of the home. Unlike outdoor stands, the indoor stands are not designed to hold umbrellas that are wet and dripping. They are used as a convenient location to pick up your umbrella when you are leaving the house on what looks to be a rainy or inclement weather day.

Since they remain dry and are located inside the home, these stands can be fashioned in a variety of ways in order to match or complement the indoor décor of the home. Indoor umbrella stands can be made of various materials including wicker, plastic, steel, iron, wood, and even animal parts as evidenced by the popularity of elephant foot stands that are now illegal to purchase due to the animal being endangered.

Unless the stand is heavy and stable enough under its own weight, the homeowner may feel that it is necessary to place sand in the stand to ensure that the weight of multiple umbrellas does not make it top-heavy and subject to being knocked over.

This is particularly true of more economical stands made out of plastic or resin molds. Stands made from heavier materials such as wrought iron or steel will probably not have this issue.