Jeep Umbrella Stroller – Innovative Features And Design

The popular Jeep line of off-road utility vehicles have capitalized on the public’s admiration of their brand name for years with spin-off merchandise such as hats, t-shirts, and license plate holders. However, one of the most unique and well-liked accessories for owners that have small children is the Jeep umbrella stroller. It is, like the vehicle it is named after, an all-weather vehicle for parents of children that are on-the-go.

This umbrella stroller is fitted with innovative features that one would expect from Jeep and any off-road vehicle. The stroller is well designed and many people are attracted to it because of its rugged looks alone. Additionally, the front wheels have shock absorbers to help smooth the ride over bumpy terrain.

Foam grips make pushing the Jeep stroller more comfortable for the parents. Additionally, it has an increased back height, enabling taller parents to push the stroller without hunching over.

The unique design enables the parent to fold it up with a quick tap of the foot. It also maneuvers very easily and features a lightweight construction. One of its keener features is its roll up pillow design, which helps keep kids cool in the summer months. Overall, the stroller is a well-designed stroller for parents that are fans of the Jeep brand and that appreciate a quality product.