Large Parasols – Commercial Market Umbrellas

Large parasols are frequently used by the hospitality, leisure, and catering industries for large gatherings such as weddings, concerts, benefits, and other events where people want to enjoy the outdoors with affordable, temporary shade as well. These parasols can be seen on the outdoor patios of restaurants, at beach-side bars and pubs, and at church gatherings as well.

These larger structures are made from commercial grade materials such as high-strength aluminum or steel and thick, water proof canvas.

There is always a need for extremely large parasols as well. One example can be seen each year in Germany at the world famous Oktoberfest celebration. In addition to utilizing giant tents that are big enough to house a circus, German beer and food vendors utilize large parasols to keep happy patrons out of the sun.

Their popularity seems to be increasing as well. Recent cigarette smoking bans implemented in several U.S. states have forced smokers outside into the elements when they want to light up. Enterprising establishments such as bars and restaurants that don’t wish to lose their business have set up parasols that effectively keep their clientele out of the elements like rain and snow.