Offset Patio Umbrellas – A Unique Unrestricted Design

The offset umbrella is a unique design of umbrella that allows the umbrella to be placed in a variety of locations and angles that center around the pole. This allows for the user to be able to move the patio umbrella in accordance to their wishes without relocating the umbrella pole.

Especially helpful when you want shade in the hot summer time, the offset patio umbrella can be moved along with the movement of the sun to provide shade all day long no matter where the sun is in the sky.

The design is extremely clever and requires no tools to set up. Simply find an adequate spot to place the umbrella pole and the innovating swivel hinge design on the pole allows the swinging arm of the top of the pole to be positioned wherever you like.

Rather than being restricted to a single hole in the center of a patio table to keep the umbrella from being toppled or moved by the wind, the umbrella pole is nestled securely in a weighted umbrella stand for maximum support. This also allows for unrestricted patio table use, as there is no longer a pole in the center of your table to take away from that valuable space.