Oriental Umbrella – Hand Painted Designs

Oriental umbrellas were utilized all the way back in ancient Egypt to protect royalty from the relentless desert sun. Though they are traditionally called oriental umbrellas, they were used on a widespread basis in Asia only periodically.

This umbrella was also seen throughout other parts of Africa on occasion through the 18th and 19th centuries as well. The Greeks and Romans utilized the umbrella on occasion, as these umbrellas can be seen in both of the civilizations’ art and sculptures.

There was even a recent discovery at Neneveh that included inscriptions that pertained to the umbrella. The inscriptions tell of parasols being carried over the head of the king in times of peace and even during times of war.

The umbrella is fashioned from bamboo pieces that have been specially treated as well as Japanese paper. The bamboo is fashioned into a frame and then covered with the paper, sometimes called, “sa paper.” The umbrella then begins to take its shape.

Colorful paints and colorings are applied to the umbrella in order to bring it to vibrant life. Sometimes designs are hand painted onto the oriental umbrella as well, depicting nature scenes and exotic animals.