Patio Furniture Umbrellas – Quality Outdoor Shade

The patio furniture umbrella is one of the most important parts of any patio furniture set as it is the centerpiece of the central unit of the set, the patio table. The umbrella must be constructed of resilient but lightweight material that is easy to clean and resistant to rain, sun, and wind.

The umbrella pole is placed through a hole in the middle of the patio table and is secured at the ground by an umbrella base that is made of either hollow plastic that is filled with sand for support or wrought iron. The pole and stems can be molded plastic that is heavy-duty enough to stand the weight and the force of the fabric top being pushed by the wind.

Additionally, the fabric used for the patio furniture umbrella canopy must be lightweight enough so that it is not too heavy for the supporting rods of the umbrella frame to bear but durable and thick enough so that it withstands gusty winds from ripping it away from the frame.

This is why canvas is such a popular choice for these umbrellas as well as the fact that it is relatively easy to clean. Some patio umbrellas even feature a quick-disconnect canvas top that is machine washable.