Patio Umbrella Lights – Providing Adequate Lighting

People are entertaining at home more than ever and utilize their patios and yards as an extension of their homes in doing so. Gatherings on the back deck with friends and family do not have to end at night when there is adequate lighting. One keen lighting option that has been popular with homeowners in recent years is the patio umbrella light.

These are lights that are affixed to the umbrella pole or are stung underneath the umbrella canopy that allow cool, unobtrusive light to shine down on the patio table and the surrounding area. One example of patio light clips on to the umbrella pole and shines four or five soft beams of light down on the table area.

It is fastened securely in place with a clip or screws. Some people prefer the string lights, which affix to the underside of the patio umbrella and are tethered together by the unobtrusive power cord. Each light may have a hook or other device that allows it to be attached securely to the umbrella canopy arms.

Umbrella lights can be found at many major retailers in the lawn and garden section and can also be obtained online from specialty websites that sell patio furniture and accessories.