Patio Umbrella Stands – A Sturdy Base

Umbrella stands secure patio umbrellas into a recess or hole built into the stand for the purpose of allowing them to stand upright without the danger of falling over or being blown over by wind.

They can be manufactured from a variety of materials, which make them vary greatly in price. Some materials used to make the stands are cast iron, plastic, resin, cement, and steel.

Plastic and molded resin patio umbrella stands are typically hollow structures that are able to be filled with sand or water to make them heavier. These are typically more economical than other stands and work well because they are resistant to rain and other elements and can weigh as much as 60 pounds or more when filled, giving adequate stability to even very large patio umbrellas.

Umbrella stands that are made of steel or cast iron can afford to be smaller since the weight of the material is sufficient enough to anchor the umbrella from swaying in the wind. They typically cost more than their plastic and molded resin counterparts because manufacturers can give them a more aesthetically-pleasing design.