Patio Umbrellas – Functional Garden Furniture

A patio umbrella is a piece of garden furniture (often called patio furniture) that helps shield people from the sun by providing shade. These umbrellas can either be attached to other patio furniture, such as a table, or free standing on a deck, walkway, or even on the lawn.

If the umbrella is attached to the table, it is typically done by passing the umbrella’s pole through a hole in the center of the table. It is then anchored in place into an umbrella holder which can be made of plastic, resin, steel, or iron.

The umbrella holder keeps the umbrella steady with its weight and its circumference, which gives it adequate stability. Wrought-iron and steel umbrella holders generally have enough weight for adequate support but the plastic and resin models are usually hollowed out to allow water or sand to be put in to weigh them down.

Free-standing umbrellas can be either be secured by thrusting the pole directly into the ground or by the use of an umbrella holder as well. It is generally a good idea to use an umbrella holder to protect the lawn and to provide a more secure base, particularly for larger umbrellas.