Reclining Umbrella Stroller – Comfort For Your Child

Some strollers can be very uncomfortable for babies after long sitting times. If a baby is made to lie in just one position for very long, his or her spine can begin to bend under the weight, causing pressure to build which can become painful. Recent innovations in baby and small child equipment have helped manufacturers introduce the reclining umbrella stroller.

This type of stroller has several settings for the seat back that the parent can adjust to make sure their child rides in comfort. On most reclining strollers, adjustment is just the twist of a knob and does not require the child be pulled out of the seat first.

These strollers are particularly popular for parents that are on-the-go. Children can sit comfortably for much longer periods of time as long as their weight is shifted appropriately every so often to ensure the most comfort possible. They also feature other innovations to keep babies happy such as removable canopies, breathable fabric to keep them cool and cushy pillows to support their neck and head.

For the parent, some strollers offer lots of storage, padded handles, and some even have built-in iPod pockets and hookups so that parents and baby can enjoy their favorite music while strolling around. Several companies offer umbrella strollers such as Kolcraft, Jeep, and Chicco.