Umbrella Double Stroller – Keep Your Children Shaded

The double stroller gives a welcome twist to the conventional umbrella strollers for parents of more than one toddler or baby. While it retains nearly all of the mobility and maneuverability of a single-seated umbrella stroller, it adds the capacity for carrying another child, which can be a great convenience for any one who has tried to push two strollers at the same time.

Additionally, a multi-purpose umbrella double stroller has ample storage space for baby and children necessities such as food, diapers, bottles, and toys. They also cater to the comfort of the child, as many have adjustable seats that recline and are made of breathable material to keep babies cool and comfortable.

Some feature removable pillows and all have some sort movable shade to keep children shielded from the hot sun. But the children aren’t the only ones that the manufacturers are concerned for. These double strollers also generally feature high backs so that taller parents don’t have to hunch over in order to push them and padded hand rests for added comfort. Large, caster wheels with shock absorption and lockable front wheels ensure a smooth ride for both child and parent.

There are a variety of umbrella strollers available at a wide range of affordability, depending on the options that the parent may need.