Umbrella Stands – How To Select The Right One

A quality umbrella stand is a mainstay in every well-equipped home’s foyer or entry way. It is a necessity for anyone that enjoys the outdoors and is not afraid to brave the elements, particularly a little rain or snow. It is an imperative piece of furniture for anyone that commutes, has children, or entertains in the household as well.

It is important that the stand be sturdy enough to have multiple umbrellas stored within it and not tip over, which can cause not only a mess but permanent water damage to floors and walls. Water sitting on the floor can also be a dangerous slipping hazard as well.

There is a variety of stands available to suit almost any décor and budget. For the economically-minded homeowner, there are basic plastic stands that should be filled with sand in order to make sure that it doesn’t tip from the weight of multiple wet umbrellas. There are also wrought iron stands which can be as elegant or as purely functional as the owner desires. These stands do not require any additional weight, as the iron is typically heavy enough to prevent tipping.

There are also plain steel cylindrical stands that will prevent tipping as well and can even be bolted to the floor or deck. These are often preferred to the cheaper plastic models as they contain tension screws that fasten the umbrella into place to keep it from inadvertently coming out due to winds if the umbrella stand is located outside.