Umbrella Strollers – Lightweight And Sturdy

For the parents of babies or very small children on the go, an umbrella stroller is none other than an imperative piece of equipment to have. An umbrella stroller can range in size from a small, single seated unit to a much larger stroller that includes ample storage space and accessories.

It gets the name from the retractable flap of cloth that is situated above the area at which the child or baby’s head rests. The stroller is particular popular for parents that live in large, metropolitan areas in which it is generally easier to walk to destinations than drive.

These strollers are generally very maneuverable, making crowded spaces that are full of people more navigable. Prices can vary considerably as well, with models that remain under $100 to more feature-packed strollers that can cost as much as $1000 or more.

Fitness-minded mothers and fathers can take their children with them on their runs with a specially-designed stroller. The fitness models are designed with lightweight, sturdy materials which allow the parent to easily push the stroller while jogging. All of them are designed to be folded down enough so that they fit easily into the trunk of a car or slid under a bed, but fitness umbrella strollers can collapse down even further.