Victorian Parasols – Quality Stylish Umbrellas

The Victorian parasol was not only a means to protect Victorian era women from the hot sun as they paraded the streets and gardens, but was also an integral fixture in their fashionable ensembles.

Victorian-era women dressed very ornately, particularly those that were blessed with affluence and stature. They were very involved in their social circles and frequently attended teas, parades, and plays dressed in complicated and heavily decorated flowing dresses. The parasol was viewed as a necessity.

These parasols were not used as an umbrella for shelter from the rain. Its sole function was as shelter from the sun. However, its construction was much like that of a conventional, modern umbrella. These types of parasols had a skeleton made of wood or metal. Stretched over its frame was a piece of material that could have been lace or other material.

This material was almost always very ornate and completely original, as ladies in that time would not want to see a duplicate. Many times, ribbons or other items would be sewn into the fabric of the Victorian parasol which made it even more vibrant and flashy.