Wedding Parasols – Beautiful Bridal Accessories

Though the days of people carrying parasols for the purpose of shielding themselves from the sun are over, there are certain occasions which many believe are still ample excuse in which to utilize a parasol. A wedding is one just occasion.

A wedding parasol is literally no different than the lace parasol that was utilized in the 17th and 18th centuries by English and American women of nobility and prestigious stature. It is typically constructed of a rigid frame much like that of a conventional umbrella, though it generally will lack the ability to close. Stretched over the metal, wooden, or plastic frame is a dainty white lace, which is designed with symmetrical patterns.

Women typically carry a parasol at sunny, outdoor wedding events as well as in the wedding pictures. It is appropriate for the bride to carry one if she wishes as well as mothers and grandmothers on either side of the new family. Additionally, there are even children’s parasols available for girls that participate in outdoor weddings as well.

A parasol can be a keepsake of the wedding day just as much as the photographs and the dress, as it is just as much a part of the ensemble. For outdoor, humid Southern spring and summer weddings, these parasols are very near to being an integral tool in keeping the bride and other ladies safely sheltered from the hot sun.